Leave The Business Cards In The Past.


When you meet a new connection, whether it be a potential customer or business partner, one of the most important goals is to get them to contact you after the meeting.


The easiest way most of us would think to do this is to leave them your business card. It’ll have your name, number and maybe even a cute version of your logo, after all you spent hours designing it, they’ll have to appreciate that right? 


While we could always hope for the best, the sad truth is that 88% of the time, the cards we’ve spent so long working on often end up misplaced, crumpled or simply thrown away within the week. 


Not only is this disheartening, it’s also a huge waste of paper and money!


While a lot of companies have adapted to the growing disinterest in business cards in different ways with cutouts, seeded cards and more, we’ve decided to go in a more convenient direction. 


Instead of needing to continuously order unique

(and expensive) bundles of business cards we thought why don’t we create something…sustainable. 


Therefore the idea of Datsmi, our small button sized social business card that you’ll have right there on your phone, came to be!


Easier, faster and more eco-friendly, you’ll never have to pay a subscription fee or run out of taps.


It’s the only sustainable business card you’ll ever need, and guess what? You can even add a personal touch and customise them with your company’s logo.


We wanted to create a business card that not only promoted LinkedIn pages and blogs but also people’s social media and personal info.


Your phone is with you in both your professional and social lives and we wanted to create something that would benefit both!


With your easily adjusted Datsmi profile you can change and choose what info you want to share and when you’re ready you can start tapping.


72% of people judge a company or a person based on the quality of their business cards. Datsmi is a way to present a sleek, efficient and overall confident appearence to a new connection. 


With technology advancing so should our ways of connecting. No matter the industry, the professional playing field is a busy, chaotic place, so get yourself noticed in the right way.

Written by Erin Datsmi, 27 January 2022.