Meet Datsmi

Meet Datsmi
Hi we’re Datsmi!
Some of you may know us, some may not, that’s why we think it’s time to introduce ourselves.

To start off, Datsmi at its core is a tool to help people, businesses, artists and more network in an easy, fast and affordable way. As a company, we strive to help people optimise their networking ability in the best way possible!

Did you know that 80% of professionals find networking essential to their career success? We know the importance that networking in both the workplace and in everyday life and the truth is, the past means of connecting just aren't up to scratch.

We’ve all been there, you spend hours on business cards only for someone to spill coffee over them on your way to the meeting. Someone wants your details but loses the paper you wrote it on, or the ever-dreaded awkwardness in waiting for someone to save your socials in their phone.

A Datsmi is a simple and significant addition that changes all that. The size of a button, it’s completely customisable and is also waterproof! You can order your Datsmi with your brand logo and promote your business while you grow your network.

With connectivity evolving at the rate it is, every company, artist and average Joe has a multitude of channels to follow. Instead of having to pick which ones to share, we thought why not give them all in one touch?

Get the most out of your events and save yourself the time, money and effort of outdated sharing, all you have to do is tap and go. With Datsmi you have unlimited taps and can share your blog, website, email and more in a second.

Overall, we’re determined to make connecting easier and more efficient for everyone no matter their end goal. If you have any questions as to what we can do for you or your business please feel free to contact our team, we’d love to speak with you!