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What You Can Share?

The other person doesn't need to have a Datsmi or an App to receive your information!

You choose what and with who to share your info

Functional: All you need is your Datsmi, not theirs. Don’t worry, they’ll catch up soon enough.

Secure: You choose what and with who to share your info.Datsmi does not have access to your personal data.

Quick: Connect in seconds. Your info will be received as soon as you tap.

Easy: Open, tap, done. Just like that, you’ve activated your Datsmi.
Limitless: We know you’re very popular. Don’t worry. Taps are not limited.

Waterproof: You can chill, drink or cry. We don’t judge.

No Extra Costs: Once you purchase your Datsmi you’ll never pay another dollar: no subscriptions or monthly fees.